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PJ's Garden

May 14, 2018

Today we created a garden for Pj's Homecare. Zyon has attended this daycare since he was a baby. I wanted to give back to the daycare that has given so much to me and my son. There would be no one that I would rather care for my child other than Kimberly. Today the children of PJ's and friends planted tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, beans,squash, and flowers. The children were so excited to learn about growing. This was the first garden (outside my own)for Zysis garden that was created from untouched soil. It was a joy working with such eager learners. Visit the gallery for more photos of PJ's Garden. 

This year I will be attending the New Farmer's Academy at Tennessee State University. This is a seven month certificate program where I will learn farm business and marketing basics,and agricultural production practices. I am excited about this new adventure and hope to learn farming on a larger scale. http://www.tnstate.edu/extension/NFA.aspx

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