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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

It is nearing the time to plant cold weather veggies. Cold weather veggies consist of root plants and leafy plants such as turnips, cabbages, and beets. Greens are one of my favorite vegetables. Coming from Mississippi I was an expert green cleaner at a very young age because my Poppi ( grandfather Ollie Hardaway) was a farmer. I remember he would bring greens in milk containers to be picked and cleaned. Peas can also be grown in the cold weather. Some plants can be planted 4 to 6 weeks before the last spring frost meaning the last bit of cold before spring officially kicks in(here is a link on when to plant seeds according to your grow zone and you can purchase seeds here as well I usually like to start my seedlings indoors but because Tennessee's weather has been so warm I have placed them outside. I will include a photo below of my box( Mary's grow box- not the Mary that your thinking of:) that I use to grow my plants. If you are in an apartment, not big on bugs, not an outside person then Mary's grow boxes will be great for you. Mary's grow boxes has it's name sake from my Grandmother Mary. They will soon be added to Zysis Garden. There is an enchantment in watching a plant grow. Thumbing off until next time.

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